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I Have A Deleted Account Of which got deleted automatically after some time as it was inactive but whenever someone open that website it still gets redirected to Suspended Website Page Can You Please Turn Off that Redirection



If the domain is pointing to InfinityFree nameservers, and the domain is not added to an active account, it will redirect to the suspended page.

Either change your nameservers, or add the domain to an active account.


I believe domain is stuck to an deleted account

Domains can only be locked to deactivated/suspended accounts. Once the account the domain is linked to is deleted, the domain can be freely used on other accounts.

But as @Greenreader9 said more or less: just decide for yourself what you want to do with your domain, and configure it accordingly. We can help you with your domain not redirecting to, but then the question is what would you like to see instead?

I Was Previously Using Infinityfree To Host My Website But Then I switched To Other Hosting for the same Domain But the problem I Face is Sometimes My Website Shows From The New Hosting And Most Of the Time It gets redirected To Suspended Website Of I Am Using Digital Ocean as new hosting And I have enough Credit That they will not suspend my account I Have Changed My Nameservers From The Domain Registrar And Updated to Digital Ocean’s Nameservers or Cloudflares Name Servers And Cross checked If they both are not pointing toward Infinityfree nameservers But still my website gets auto Redirect My Website is most of time it shows suspended. Only For few minutes it shows from New hosting automatically

If you pointed your domain elsewhere and it’s still redirecting to our suspension page, that either means that your new hosting is not working correctly or you didn’t configure it correctly. In either case, we cannot fix this from our side.

We can’t redirect a website we don’t host. It would be crazy if we can change the behavior of any site on the internet.

Your domain is using Cloudflare’s nameservers, so I cannot see your DNS records directly. But please make sure that there are no records left at Cloudflare’s that point to us. Any record pointing to something, or one of our IP addresses, should be removed.


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