Deleted account but still active

Hello, i have deleted this site a very long time ago and its not on my account anymore but the account is still active if i visit the site. How can i recover it?

If the account is still active, please deactivate it first so the deletion timer can start.

If your account is already inactive, but not deleted yet, please note that:

  • Accounts must be deactivated for at least 60 days before they are eligible for deletion.
  • Normally, accounts should be deleted quickly after those 60 days, but the account deletion system has been acting up, so it may take longer than 60 days for accounts to be deleted.

In your specific case, it looks like you still have an active hosting account hosting an active websites, so we’re obviously not going to delete an account which is clearly still being used.

However, the account deletion system has been acting up lately


The site was already wiped out inside my infinityfree account so there is no way to login into the site anymore… now i want to re register the site but I can’t do that cause its still active

What do you see where when you try to create an account for that domain?


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