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How to delete a profile in InfinityFree without waiting for complete deletion of sites.
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Does this rule apply to the main account, or is it only for specific site accounts?

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it applies to all

I thought main accounts are permanent? Because some of users return after years/year even though they don’t host any websites.

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I keep my account active by login every other month

You can’t.

The thing is that until an account is fully deleted, it could be reactivated. If we would let you delete your client area profile before the account is deleted, there is the risk the account could be reactivated. And then we have an active website for which we have no records in our systems, and have no idea who owned it or what happened to it.

So you have to wait for all hosting accounts to be completely deleted. After that, you can delete your client area profile, and all data will be removed.

Thank you.

Yes you’re right

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