Delete file characters

I can’t delete characters in files on File Manager

What error is it giving you, can you share it?

I’d also recommend trying to do this via an FTP client, such as Filezilla.


I pressed the delete character button on my phone and no characters were deleted

Well,use a desktop device or at least use mobile ftp clients!Monsta’s editor is broken on mobile.


You may also have more luck with our Filestash file manager instead:

You can login with the FTP username and password of your hosting account.


Thank. But still can’t upload files

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Well,use a client then.
If you are on iOS then I recommend FTP Rush(Lack ability of editing,but is a very good client) or Koder(And this is a coding app,so you can edit files).
For android,I have never used it,so I can’t recommend any.But you can try search for it online.


I used AndFTP as FTP client for Android when I had an Android device, even though it lacks editing functionality. It works just fine but I recommend against coding on an Android device at all because there are lacks of IDEs (at least when I tried it) and the simplest one for websites (so HTML Editor) is buggy sometimes.


can’t paste in file :frowning:

Well, as advised above:

Some suggestions have also been posted above. Sorry to say, but I don’t think using the file managers will work for you.


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