Delete epiz_32235696

Delete epiz_32235696

You can do it yourself. If you already clicked delete, you must have noticed that we do not delete accounts immediately, so please have patience.


so please reactivate my account

You can not do that if you’ve already clicked delete.

I can’t do anything

Don’t you see the green button that says “Reactivate”? If you want to account to be active again, all you have to do is click it.


You actually need to read the text just above the green button. You have to verify your email address before you can take an action.


I deleted this email

Change your email at:

Go to Profile > Edit Profile. You have an option to change your email.

Then please change your client area email address to an email address that does exists. If your old email address is deleted, please enter a new one.

We need a working email address to keep your informed about changes to your account. So we cannot let you reactivate an account if we know that you have broken email address.


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