Delete an ssl certificate before it expires

I want to Delete an ssl certificate before it expires, because its the self-signed certificate valid for 10 years… But there is no option for me to do this… But can the admin delete it? @Admin

You cannot delete it, but does it matter?

yes because the browser first checks selfsigned ssl and shows danger and then checks gogetssl one and then allows to view the site increasing the load time without any reason

i cant… but admin can right?

You are no exception for the admin, I guess.

How come? Did you install both (even though you cannot)?

Just delete from VPanel


A website can only have one SSL certificate at a time.

If you had uploaded the self signed certificate first, and then got a GoGetSSL certificate and replaced the existing self signed certificate with it, then the self signed certificate is gone.

The Delete Certificate button is indeed broken, but that doesn’t really matter. Because you can just replace the old certificate with a new one whenever you want. And removing a bad certificate won’t fix your website, it will just give you a slightly different SSL error.

Where do you see this danger page?

It sounds more like a caching problem to me, or maybe something is actually interfering with your connection. If you have a GoGetSSL certificate installed, then you should not get a danger page at all.


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