Delete account or domain access?


Redirecting to suspendeddomain site sometimes this problem displayed “site can’t provide a secure connection.”

Hello, today (probably 2 hours before) I wanted to update my website. I used aspnet and I thought it will be good if I use infinityfree. (Cause netlify doesn’t support aspnet). I created account and bond my nameservers as usual. Then I noticed, my aspnet project isn’t shown here as well. I think you can’t support. I deleted my website from htdocs and also deleted domain connection. I couldn’t delete my account so I deactivated it. Then, I ask GoDaddy support, they checked my domain and they said it’s working. That’s why I’m wondering if in infinityfree account, is there any problems? Can you delete my account or is there still have a connection to my domain? I hope I can get an answer from Admin. Thank you.

Hi, I looked at the URL you gave and it appears to be working correctly. Your nameservers are listed as:

So, your domain does not seem to be using InfinityFree servers at all.


Yes, these are for netlify nameservers. So it’s not from Infinityfree, I have to ask netlify right? These are for netlify nameservers. So is it not from Infinityfree, I have to ask netlify right? Also can you look at my website like can you check from your browser or if my website is working or not?

As far as I am aware, ASPnet is not supported here.

If you deactivated your account, of course it’s not working!

I’m not exactly sure what you want assistance with, can you clarify?



Both of the URLs you gave seem to be working fine for me. What you do with your InfinityFree account won’t effect those URLs because they are pointed at different name servers. I would contact Netlify and ask them about any server issues you are having.


Thank you for your replies guys, I can’t open my site from my own computer or any other computer. It gives the same error even on my phone. Could it be because of my internet connection? I’m happy that my site is opening and working perfectly though.


I’m sorry, I’m new in these kind of things and English isn’t my native language so, thank you guys for your patience.


Did you try clearing your browser cache?

Maybe try to view your site through a VPN (e.g. and see if you can see it?

It might be an issue with your local ISP or their DNS cache.


Yeah I cleared it but still I see :confused:

Sorry, its

Try to clear your DNS cache or configure a faster resolver instead.

Here is the guide to clear the DNS cache:

And here is the guide to configure on your device, whether it be your router, PC, iPhone or Android phone:

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I just saw this, I can only write this and get access. “” page is just redirecting to suspendeddomain and then I saw this too

I researched a little bit and found this

Don’t get me wrong but I’m slowly starting to feel regret using Infinityfree

:frowning: help please…

You’re ignoring everything he wrote to you. While this article is written for when transferring websites to InfinityFree, it also applies to when transferring them OUT of InfinityFree.

You’re affected by DNS cache, and need to follow the advice in the “What can I do to see my website faster?” section.

The ?i=1 system is irrelevant, as your website no longer points to our servers. From the moment your nameservers and DNS records no longer point to us, nothing on our side can affect your website.

You can confirm that your site works fine by visiting it with a VPN or Tor, which by default uses a different connection and as such is not affected by DNS cache.


I’m sorry if my english is not enough for this. I tried clearing dns cache * ipconfig /flushdns like this and also clear chrome history all the caches multiple times it still doesn’t work… I’m really upset, I will wait for tomorrow and see if this problem still exist, I have to write and hope finding help again… I don’t want to buy another domain and try on another hosting service you know…


Ah, I see… I’ll try to summarize then.
You can also do one of these:

  • Edit your hosts file
  • Switch to a better DNS resolver

I looked up your site and I believe you may speak Turkish, so I’ve tried to translate a part of the article with DeepL, not sure if the translation is good, but I hope it will help:
(I apparently misread “I’m sorry if my english is not enough for this” to “I’m sorry but my english is not enough for this”, but I’m leaving this in case it might help).
The following part would be my personal recommendation, switching to a better DNS resolver:

Daha iyi bir DNS çözümleyicisine geçin

DNS önbelleğe alma ile ilgili en büyük sorunlardan biri, DNS Çözümleyicilerinin sonuçlarını uzun süre önbelleğe alabilmeleri ve DNS Çözümleyicisini kendiniz çalıştırmadığınız sürece önbelleklerini temizlemenin bir yolu olmamasıdır.

Neyse ki, (genellikle) internet sağlayıcınız tarafından sağlanan DNS Çözümleyicisini kullanmak zorunda değilsiniz.Birçok yönlendirici ve çoğu cihaz kendi DNS Çözümleyicilerinizi yapılandırmanın yollarını sunar. Herkesin kullanabileceği birkaç harika DNS çözümleyici vardır.Bu DNS çözümleyicilerin çoğu, internet sağlayıcıları tarafından işletilen çözümleyiciler kadar uzun süre sonuçları önbelleğe almaz ve bazen daha da hızlıdır!

Birkaç popüler, hızlı ve ücretsiz DNS çözümleyici şunlardır:

Hangi DNS çözümleyicisinin sizin için en hızlı olduğu, bulunduğunuz yere ve ağ bağlantınıza bağlıdır. Hangi sağlayıcının en hızlı olduğunu bulmak için (ve diğer bazı seçenekleri kontrol etmek için) DNS çözümleyicilerini test etmek ve karşılaştırmak için Namebench gibi bir araç kullanabilirsiniz.

I also recommend visiting your site via the Tor browser available at / to see that it works fine.


If you have a custom domain (you do), and change your namservers (you did), it is not technically possible for us to control the domain. All of these issues are on your end, and have nothing to do with InfinityFree servers.


I see you didn’t just deactivate the account, you also deleted the domain from the account before doing so. You then reactivated the account, but didn’t add the domain name to it again. And if the domain is not assigned to any account, you can’t host a website with it, of course.

I also see the initial deactivation happened within two hours of you creating the account. Note that, as you could see by the orange banner in the control panel, it can take up to 72 hours for a new domain to start working due to DNS caching.

If you would like to host your domain with us again, please do the following:

  1. Change your domain’s nameservers to and
  2. Reactivate your hosting account.
  3. Add the domain to your hosting account again after it’s reactivated.
    • Instead of reactivating and adding the domain, you could also just create an entirely new account.
  4. Wait for 72 hours for DNS caching.

Then your website should work on our hosting.


Thank you for your answer and also thank you guys for for your patience . I’m aware I don’t know much about hosting and I thought if I just change the data (domain, nameserver etc) this site could work in one hour. When I see that page “suspendeddomain”, frankly I panicked and made these changes. I’m thankful and relieved from your answers Admin, I suppose I have to wait for 3 days for dns caching to fix itself. Cause I cleared like literally all the data. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Can I ask one more favor Admin? Can you check up my account again just in case if any other domain is still there ? Like at addon domain subdomain parts etc ? If exist, I have to reactivate the account, remove domain and deactivate it. Cause I remember I just deleted from addon domains. I just want to be sure. Thank you for your understanding. :pray:t2::pray:t2: