Default error page (solved)

What is the default error page url and how will i desing my own error page

You can design your own error page using html and css, upload it to your website files (htdocs) and use the option in the panel to change error page redirects.

You can refer to this video tutorial related on how you can change error urls: iFastNet - Video Tutorials | How to add custom error pages in Vista Panel

For example the default 404 error of InfinityFree is the following:
404 Page Not Found - InfinityFree



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i am using wordpress can it damage the files? or can my site give error?

It shouldn’t however the 404 error page is already included with wordpress and you can find plugins to customize the 404 more in wordpress. For other errors you can add them just as plain html files and it won’t damage anything (you can create a directory called errors and put them inside)


thank you

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