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Its showing deceptive site ahead

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Yesterday and until earlier in the morning today it’s fine but suddenly right now it’s showing that message “deceptive site ahead”.

And sometimes it shows “hmmm… Can’t reach this page”


That “deceptive site ahead” message is showing on my mobile device. And “Hmmm… can’t reach this page” is showing on my desktop.

You can see the image below.

Your domain has no nameservers, and is not added to you account. Follow this guide:


About the nameservers, ifastnet technical support recommend me to change it to:

And they say I’ll wait for atleast 24-48hrs to reflect it globally. The website is working fine to desktop after I change it (not working on mobile). But before it work, it always showing the “deceptive site ahead”. And I need to click “more information” and “visit it (not recommended)” before the website appear.

I don’t know how to get rid of “deceptive site ahead”. Google says it have a phishing or something like that, but my website is only consist of images and text only.

I’m sorry, but we cannot access your website to help you. Since you are a premium user, please contact iFastNet support. And Google flags your website:


@jaikrishna.t here is the website I am creating with my students.
it is also showing the same message deceptive site ahead. can you help me resolve it.

i have created multiple HTML files fromIndex.html to index5.html and this message is shown for some of them (index1.html and index2.html)

Welcome @NeILGholap.

Note the Google is the one that flagged your site, so there is no way to “fix” it. Google does not like whatever it is you are hosting,

Google detects that your website is trying to trick visitors into sharing personal info or downloading software.

More: Google Transparency Report


but it is not blocking the main page(index.html) of the website. it is blocking the page after that. even the last page is visible. it is blocking intermediate pages(index1.html, index2.html).

Because those are the only pages that are unsafe.



Is there anything different in index1.html and index2.html from index.html, like color schemes?

It could also be the name, as most people only use index.html and a second index may seem suspicious (as in someone hijacked the website and added an extra index that looks the same. Sometimes links go to the index.html instead of /, so if hackers have hijacked the website, then they can lure you using a similar url, i.e: index2.html, which might be what Google thinks is going on).

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