"Deceptive site ahead" error

Username epiz_32176508 with the url http://jbentley.infinityfreeapp.com/GMD311

I have to do an assignment for school where I upload my index html with an embedded YouTube video on this hosting site and I keep getting the Deceptive Site Ahead error. All I have in the file is an index.html file. How do I fix this?

“Proceed to jbentley.infinityfreeapp.com (Unsafe)”


Hi there,
Unfortunately that isn’t going to work with my professor, he would prefer for the “Deceptive site ahead” warning to be nonexistent that way my content just pops up, and I would also prefer that. Any way to fix that?

From the Details screen, you can report the error as a false positive.

And you can add your site to Google Search Console, where you’ll have more details the ability to request an appeal at Google.

The key thing to note here is that Google has identified your site as being harmful, so Google blacklisted your domain, and only Google can tell you why this is, and only Google can remove your site from their list.


i visited your site with mozilla firefox and didnt get any errors if that helps ?


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