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Your free hosting account is suspended for reaching a daily resource limit. Please note that each free hosting account has daily CPU, hits, RAM, I/O, and Entry process limits. During each day we record all of these usage stats. It is quite normal for a website to utilise daily limits as PHP scripts do use alot of server resources, especially if you have multiple PHP scripts and websites in your free hosting account.

The daily limit you reached was your daily io limit.

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Your free hosting account will be automatically reactivated 24 hours after it was suspended.

Therefore at 15:02 Saturday 25 February (in 23 hours, 02 minutes) your account will be activated again where you will regain full access!)

Once your account is activated you may want to consider lowering your server resource usage by removing scripts, plugins, domains, optimizing your code, install caching, or upgrading your free account to our premium hosting which has upto 80 times the limits of a free hosting plan with

Now how can this be i turned of my i/o read routines did no backups at all how can it still be high when i disabled the read routines and all ftp . Your site is clearly not worth having as it just is useless what else do you suggest i disable as all it did was show on my page a stream from another site how can that be high io? please explain where this io is coming from as there is none occurring on the site this must surely be an error on your server


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If you cannot resolve these please deactivate my account and you will have a new enemy as an influencer i will inform everyone what has happened with your service which you have made no attempt to resolve since this unfair use of your service has been launching attacks on my site ever since i joined you .

i would point out blocks recieved

  1. placed filter on my website to prevent traffic 2022
  2. placed FTP i/o into its limits so neither my site would function or be able to be backed up with out receiving suspensions which if 20 was reached the website would be deleted.
  3. i tried 14 website guides for how obtain a stream to make my website secure https compliant . I was informed how to make this .httaccess but none of the php would function given as examples of working code.
  4. latest i/o suspension with no dynamic page scripts halted by error introduced to stop all dynamic content this morning and all sql requests
    This feels to me like you have introduced 4 blocks now !

What are you free websites supposed to do now nothing?

As it is clear that you are not going to listen to what we are telling you to fix these problem (And some of the stuff you claim is simply false, but you refuse to accept that). I recommend you find a new hosting provider. Please don’t post here regarding this, or any other issue, unless you are willing to work with us to find a solution, and not ignore or made a rebuttal to everything we tell you.


You dont listen at all! every since I had my web site with you you have been disabling blocking everything that is an improvement to my website . Why are you not honest and owning what you are doing? I can evidence all I state here you clearly cannot all you give as support is “yes/no maybe” which was you latest support response. Yesterday after the 4th suspension i was told by that if i removed ftp backups the site would be stable in attempt to work with you i decommissioned this on my site so it was just a page that had media plugin on it it would not have or suffer a suspension . This clearly is not the case as removing this and creating a fault on the service so that it did not load any other pages as was without data caused by the lack of i/o . Simply put the only thing running on my website was media plugin. I would seem then your new control panel fix that you deny limits all activity on your free websites . Your company cannot claim you want people to grow their site and use free sites as a test platform . I i have informed how can i pay for a service that never works from the inset. No sooner than I have something working its disabled within a week . How exactly is that working . Initially I set this website up sending data through url as i was informed i could do by my software supplier . You immediately according to another company placed a filter on cop2 router to block this transmission and cause it time outs ?. I then provided data by ftp which you then changed your data limits with a new control panel upgrade to remove ftp serviced and add them to i/o . I could not believe you did this as it affects uploading and downloading a website . When i informed you there was another way to read from the dream you blocked the ability for a basic web service open ie. Preformatted text$socket = fsockopen($address, $port, $errno, $errstr, CONNECT_TIMEOUT)))Preformatted text which could not even open a port this is documented here viewticket.php?id=844292 which i know you can read

Where is my right to expression

Where do I even start…

The fact you can still post these on the forum, after repeatedly being given advice and ignoring this, proves that your right to expression hasn’t gone anywhere. It still wouldn’t go away if they decide to ban you, however, as just like in any place, you have to follow its rules.

No, almost nobody on this forum can read your exchanges with iFastNet. This is community-driven support, provided by volunteers, who have no access to your message exchanges.

The more likely case is that your site “has been launching attacks” at the servers, which is the reason it’s suspended (I of course mean violating limits). As for your threats, I believe I can speak with certainty when I say that no one cares about your status or your ability to influence people. As you mentioned, you have the right to “freedom of expression”, so you are free to talk about your negative experience, but don’t expect that there will be no rebuttal if you post inaccuracies whilst doing so.

You can do that yourself, and at this point without bothering to look for the entire context (1-2 threads were enough), I believe it is the best option going forward both for yourself and InfinityFree.