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What I’m seeing is:Your domain is not yet pointing to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com. Change your nameservers at your domain registrar and wait a few hours. You can also create an account with a subdomain first

The NS are set correctly to the domain and checked by the register.

Can you please help me with a solution to host my domain?

Thank you

Nic.de requires the nameservers to have DNS records for your domain, which it fails because the nameservers are configured to have DNS records after adding the domain to our system. So your registrar is asking you to configure the DNS records before you can configure the nameservers, and InfinityFree is vice versa, and you may not add here the domain unless there are other DNS adding domains methods that permit to add a domain to your account.

can you please give me a simple solution? do I have to look for a different hosting provider?

Try to buy Premium Hosting from iFastNet as they configure after buying it the DNS records for your domain on their nameservers, so you can add them from your domain registrar and start seeing your website after 24 hours and after uploading the files to them via their cPanel File Manager.

As you can see by checking the DNS records of your website (either using the command line or using a website like this) you can see that your domain name does not point to any nameservers at this time.

If your registrar says the nameservers are set correctly, you may want to send them that link and ask them to verify if your nameservers are correct, because they don’t seem to be.

the registrar says this:

"The error I received in trying to modify NSs and which I show you once again below is because I do not want the domain to those ns because it does not recognize that a hosting account has been created for rekruting -germany de

Nameserver error

ERROR: 901 Unexpected RCODE (target, entity, RCODE) (ns2.tlh.ro./, rekruting-germany de, REFUSED)


Nameserver error

ERROR: 901 Unexpected RCODE (target, entity, RCODE) (ns1.tlh.ro./, rekruting-germany de, REFUSED)

Please send the supplier’s error and we want a written confirmation from the dancers that for this domain rekruting-germany.de is created a hosting / alias or addon account on the dance servers

CLAUS WEB team :: Support Ticket System,"

So, as I said, denic.de and the CLAUS WEB Team do require that the DNS records for your domain have been set on the nameservers, but InfinityFree requires that the nameservers have been set to configure the DNS records. So, your website should not be hosted here and you may move elsewhere to host the domain (even iFastNet’s Premium Hosting goes well with that type of domains) or buy a gTLD from GoDaddy or many other registrars.

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