DDos attacks


DDOS attacks are obvious.

I have only 5 friends that access this website, and when my hit limit maxed within an hour, a ddos attack was obvious. Before I install cloudflare, does anyone have a tool that will allow you to see the past ip addresses that have accessed the site so I can report to the authorities about the attack. This is about the Rapid Reset issue.

something like this should work and will save the date/time/ip addresses to a file called log.txt

<?php file_put_contents('log.txt',  date('Y-m-d H:i:s') . ' - ' . $_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] . PHP_EOL, FILE_APPEND); ?>

Thank you so much. Is this in HTML?

Ur website is suspended?

No. HTML is not a programming language, it does not have the ability to log anything.

The code snippet shared was PHP. You use it in any HTML file by pasting it in the file and changing the file extension from .html to .php


No, but I can’t access the FTP and other things.

Ok thanks! :smile: :computer:


What error are you facing?


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