DDoS attack protection

Good evening! I am from Bulgaria. I would like to know if there is any way to protect the website from the attacks and threats? Because my site is on free hosting

People who attack the site and do so in an eye to do the same to them.



Please upload images directly to the forum. It helps make sure the image is always available, and is easier to view.

DDoS and code hacking are two totally different things. For DDoS protection, you need a custom domain name, and a provider with enough compute power to manage that for you (The CloudFlare free plan is a good option).

To prevent code hacking / account file modification, that’s on you. If you don’t share your password, and use secure applications on your site, you won’t be targeted.

Also, you can always reset your password and revert your account files to a previous backup you made to get your site back.

Lastly, you can’t ping free hosting servers, they only respond to web traffic.


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