DDoS Attack from China

I believe there has been a DDoS attack. I would like to remove my free subdomains, but I can’t because my account was suspended. I now have to wait 21 hours for my account to be reactivated and then it will be suspended again. This is getting old, and there is nothing I can do about it.

How do you fix a situation like this?

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Buy a domain connect to cloudflare and add it to your hosting account

Or maybe, i am not sure but you can add a special of IP control of your site maybe with WordPress or programming yourself

I think you don’t understand. I have a free domain from IF, and I am migrating to my freenom domain, but while doing that there was a DDoS atttack, so I cannot.

I do not use WordPress, and the IP kees switching, so I cannot block IP.


So wait for reactivation and then connect the freenom domain, after this add the domain to cloudflare

I have already added the freenom domain to IF and CF.

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Ok so turn on the Under Attract mode and you are fine

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I did, but I also have a free domain in IF. See this picture:

So it really makes no difference because of the InfinityFree domains.

What are you going to do with them? You can’t move them outside of InfinityFree. For your other domain, makes sure “Under Attack” mode is on in Cloudflare, and remove the free one as soon as your account is reactivated. The DDoS attack should be over by than.

I will download the code to my PC and remove the free subdomains.

EDIT: I’m not sure if the DDoS attack will be over by then. It has been going for ~26hrs, how long do they usually last?

EDIT: I’m sorry, but I have blocked access to my site from outside the US and US Minor Outlying Islands.

during that time you can set up Cloudflare!

In Cloudflare, you can just block all traffic except for your own IP address. It will make your website go down for everyone except you, but that’s still one more person that can access your site than if you don’t do it and let it get suspended again. That should buy you some time to grab a backup.


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