DDoS Attack Fix without CloudFlare?

there my friend his fix ddos attack without cloudflare ?

Hello there,

What do you mean exactly?

I’m confused but I’m gonna assume your question is “Does Cloudflare help prevent DDoS Attack?”
If so then yes it does help minimize the possibility of your site getting DDoSed but of course 100% protection is not guaranteed so there’s still a rare and small chance of actually getting your site attacked successfully by attackers, especially for as far as what I know if your site’s IP gets leaked then the attackers might be able to that server IP.

Or maybe you meant this “My friend was able to fix his site without Cloudflare?”
If so then, the server admins might have recovered and fixed the system after getting DDoSed and not your friend, for all I know even recovering and restoring a server from a DDoS Attack would cost a company more than $100+, so I don’t about your friend how he was able to restore the servers even though he has no access to the servers and infrastructures or something.This answer is my limited knowledge regarding the aftermath of getting DDoSed.


@anon39604082 Also note that DDOS happen in network level and not on any server level.

If your friend said he can avoid it using some scripts, dont trust it. If your friend said he had fix a DDOSed site, dont trust it if he had no DNS server and his evidences aren’t appealing.

The protection of DDOS must be in network (DNS ) level. Only the ones who owned and have accessed to DNS server can prevent it and fixed it.




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