**My website URL is:**

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

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mydomain =
Hi, at first I have uploaded a index1.html and later deleted it and installed the new website.
the problem is the website opens when I type the url mydomain in browser but by default the url mydomain/?=1 is opened and this url opens the previous index1.html and I don’t want this.
why is it still loading even after I deleted it…?
Everytime I open my website the mydomain/?=1 url is loaded and again I have to reload it with mydomain.

Please help me to disable/delete the url like:
mydomain/?=2 and so on.

All I want is just mydomain and my latest uploaded website inside htdocs to be loaded with this url not the one which I deleted(index1.html)

Hello there,

None of us here are able to remove it, it’s a part of the Infinityfree security system to make sure you’re website is not proxies, web crawlers and etc. and just a simple website that can be access with regular browsers (e.g Chrome, Firefox).

Also please check the knowledge base first before asking in the forums:

Hope you find the answer to your issue!


thanks for the help.
I came to know that the ?i=1 cannot be removed but why this shows different pages…?
I mean when I reload the page without ?i=1 then my actual hosted website opens which is supposed to be but when the browser loads the url with ?i=1 then the older webpage opens which I first uploaded for testing purpose and also already deleted it…

Hello there,

Well it is probably because your browser cached the file that you deleted before. Try clearing your browser cache and history and revisit your site to check whether the problem is still there.

By the way you can also use incognito mode as it doesn’t have the cache that your normal browser cached and it deletes all caches once you leave incognito mode.

Hope this helps!


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