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I am trying to restore a db backup from a Wordpress site I had at another host. My backup .tar.gz file is 1 Gb. In the db admin page I browsed for my file and it started uploading, then an error occurred:

phpMyAdmin - Error

Incorrect format parameter

It also strangely say max upload is 300 MiB, this is tiny. I hope I have not wasted time with creating an account under the impression that I have 5 Gb storage then have a tiny db upload limit, if this is actually the issue.

Please advise on whether I can restore my WP db backup and how? Thanks

Max file size is 10mb.
Extract locally then upload via ftp.

IF is meant for web hosting, not database hosting.
You may have to look elsewhere

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Hold on, what kind of backup is this exactly? A WordPress database backup doesn’t usually have the .tar.gz extension. A database backup would normally have the .sql.gz extension.

A .tar.gz archive, like a zip archive, is an archive with files and folders. That’s the kind of archive format you would use to transfer the WordPress files, not database. A database backup is usually single .sql file, which is then optionally compressed into a .sql.gz file.

This would also explain why phpMyAdmin would complain about the format. If it’s not a database backup, then phpMyAdmin cannot import it.

How exactly did you generate this backup? Could you perhaps open the archive on your own computer and take a screenshot of the contents (just the list of files/directories inside)?


Thanks Admin KangJL for your replies.

This website was backed up by support at a host where I cancelled my plan. Hence I am not sure how it was done but assume using cPanel. I should have uncompressed before posting here, apologies!

Yes once uncompressed I see the .sql file, which should be what the importer expects. The folder contains all the WordPress files, which I assume can be ‘restored’ once the db is there and WordPress is installed.


You should be able to import the SQL file and copy the other files into the HTDOCS folder of your website via FileZilla.

If you are using the same domain name, that’s it! Otherwise, you will have to change it using the database.


All of the files in the folder can be uploaded to /htdocs.
Then, the database (the .sql file) can be restored via phpMyAdmin.


Thanks very much. Yes using the same domain.


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