Database servers are Down!

can’t access my databases from my control panel and neither from wordpress!

seems to be like the hosts are down? mine is

I just checked your database through phpMyAdmin and it’s working fine from here. So whatever issue you may be having, the database server being down is not the issue.

What do you see exactly on your end?


Access denied for user ‘epiz_33566520’@‘’ (using password: YES)

I changed the password of my account and from the email that has been sent to me i changed the configuration accordingly for my wordpress.

Please see:


I’m pretty sure I’ve done what’s mentioned correctly and none of it worked

I checked your website based on the username you’ve provided and that’s working fine from here.

Can you please tell us exactly where we can see this error for ourselves? Because as far as I can tell, your database is working fine. You keep saying that nothing works, but everything is working as far as I can tell.


it was a temporary issue, thank you for responding.

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