Database problem

#Look like the Database got some problem ?

When i try to remove some of my table from the database,and i can’t remove it,and please fix the BUG
And also i can’t remove some of my subdomain directory,please fix it

–Thank you–

Hello Felix.

This looks like an temporary problem, but I cannot exactly tell what is causing it and why the page is unavailable.

Most likely something has happened with the database manager that our system uses.

Better let’s wait for @Admin to take a look at this problem cause he is the only one who really can see the errors and non-working stuff.

Happy to help,


Managing databases seems to be working fine from here. Do you still experience this problem?

Note that we have staff online at all time to monitor and fix issues like these. So generally, they’re already working on it before you can even post them here :wink: