DataBase not recognizing espcial characters

hi, i have a list of citys and they have especial characters like ´~^ etc…, my entire site can read those, but when i pull from my data base it comes with those <?> , on the database when i check the information those characterare there with no problem at all, is only when i pull them and list then with that goes nuts, the table is set to utf8mb4_general_ci, so i don't have a clue why is showing with <?>

phpMyAdmin is a bit broken when it comes to special character support. I don’t know why. Just don’t use phpMyAdmin to read or write these values I guess?


thank you for replying, i will dig it up, couse locally on xamp works fine, i noted that locally i use the innoDB and on inifity we dont have such option, we use MYASCI(something like that) can be that?.

InnoDB is the current MySQL default, but our servers use MyISAM. This is not the reason for the character issues though, that’s controlled by the character set (for which utf8mb4 is fine).

It really is a phpMyAdmin issue. If it was a database server issue, your PHP code would have issues too.

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