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(Database not fully importing)

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(I imported my SQL database to another website due to encountering the IO limit a lot. So I exported my database and when I try importing it, it says it works but whenever I check the structure of the database it only uploads some files, not all of them. I also only uploaded my wp-config.php files and not the whole htdocs folder. When I open my Wordpress dashborad the message “Cannot select database” appears. Note: I have to disable my SSL for my website to load the Wordpress dasboard.)

OK, so there are two separate problems at play here.

The first is the database import failing. This can happen unfortunately, especially if you have a large database to import. One solution to this is to split the database backup into multiple smaller ones and upload those individually, for example by only having a limited number of tables in each dump. This is easiest if you still have access to the original, live database server.

But you can also use a script like BigDump to import your database.

As for the database connection error, that’s caused by your database configuration in the wp-config.php being incorrect. The current database name, username and hostname do not match the settings of your account. And I doubt the password is correct either. Please replace those with the correct database names and settings for your account.

If you’re going to migrate an entire website, I strongly recommend to actually migrate the whole website. Transplanting the database of an existing installation onto a fresh set of files will likely cause problems with files being missing, such as themes and plugins, as well as any uploaded or generated files.


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