Database not accessible

Hi, I login my account today and found my database disappeared. I tried to create a new one but it was not successful. I wonder if anyone else has the same problem.

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I also have the same problem,may i know your website can run?(design all those)

No, my site is not working SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused

same problem i have been!

but i used to wordpress

same!!! i though i’m the only one connection refused!

my database can be create but my connection still refused…are u guys connected?

Mine problem is solved. (I didn’t do anything). I was having the same problem.

so everything works fine now?

Not really, my problems remained :frowning:

database problem is solved I think, my site is working again as well as some other user has also reported that his website is working again.

dear Admin, please solve my problem, my site is

thank you! problem solved!

thank you!problem solved too


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Same problem…

My site is down again…

yeah, I’m sorry
the new wave has started again cca 2h ago

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