Database MYSQL can not acces

Hello, Database mysql can not acces, the database name is epiz_32335727 please help me

Hi, can you elaborate further?


Please try and find the actual database error message of your connection problem, and then check it against the common error messages described in this topic:

If the error message you’re seeing isn’t in that topic, or you’ve double checked everything and still it doesn’t work, please share the error message and configuration (without passwords!) here.

No, it isn’t. Database names are in the format <username>_<database_name>. For example epiz_32335727_mydb. Please check the list of databases in the client area or control panel and make sure that you’ve created a database and are using the database name exactly as shown there.


so, I will open the database but I can’t, my website also can’t run as it should when I click the connect button, it can’t connect

this is the image when i press connect button



I have tried several times but it didn’t work either. Until now we cannot access the database

I checked phpMyAdmin for your database, and it’s working fine from here.

Please try clearing your browser cache and cookies and try again.


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