Database is not establishing

Hello, when my website loads, it says that the database is not establishing. I also checked my wp-configuration file, and everything there is fine. However, your server is slow; could you kindly make your servers faster for my website?

There’s no way that we are making your site faster just because you asked for it.This is a free service,everyone is equal,and you can’t really ask too much from it.If you really,really wanted faster servers,upgrade to premium.


I am not saying to give me a premium hosting for free I want infinity free support to solve my database problem.

Can you share the screenshot of the error message?
You may also turn on “Display php errors” and wordpress debug mode to see more detailed information.

There’re a lot of reasons that can cause a db not establishing.Maybe the db is corrupted,or the installation is corrupted.The following article might help:


What’s the database problem? I checked your site and it seems to be loading for me. I don’t see any database errors.

I do see you’re using both Elementor and Jetpack, two plugins which are known to be massive resource hogs that very heavily impact performance. You may want to remove those or replace them with more lightweight alternatives to improve performance.


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