Database Error In Backup Restore

Username: epiz_28772004

Hello I made an website. I made a backup in a healthy state. I had an error from my mistake. I tried to restore the backup. I got an error that says I already have an installed WordPress on my domain so I delete the file from the file manager and I got the error above:

Database file does not exist

What can I do?

Can you please tell us what you used to create the backup?

through the cPanel Softaculous backup maker

that doesnt function tho

  1. Delete WP

  2. Go to backups → WordPress

  3. Select a directory and install

More info:

@VisualKitten, I believe it does work.

I got the “Database file does not exist” error again. That it seems to doesn’t work very well.

Some people are experiencing DB errors at this time. You may have to wait for that error to be resolved by fore re-trying.

Anyway thanks you but maybe I will make the whole website from the start but may do you have something to suggest me for avoiding the same problem on the future?

If there was not a lot of content and configuration, you can do that, or wait to see if the issue is quickly resolved.

Take a manual backup every time you change something you don’t want to loose. You can do this my downloading all the files via FTP and exporting the database.

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Did you do this?

Yes I had a backup that doesn’t work and I must to reinstall WordPress and all the whole site. It was a big site that I couldn’t restore. So thanks you very much for your help but I will go to make it again now…

I already said that may be because of the DB error. If it was a big site, I would just try and see if the issue is resolved. Keep trying to backup and see if it works.

I’m not sure if the Softaculous backup/restore option works very well on our hosting. That’s also why we do not suggest using it in our recommended backup instructions.

Also, professional systems administrators all know: a backup isn’t a backup until you know you can restore it.

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