Database Disappeared

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My SQL Database Disappeared

Dear Support/Admin,
My database is disappear that i am using this system since 2020. But there is nothing happened before. Please I have lot of data in that DB. Can you plz recover and restore my database.

DB Name

This was the name of my db. But I don’t know where is gone now.
I need your support. Kindly do it for me.


What is your SQL cluster?

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Admin will check and let you know.
Please avoid sharing email in future coz no one will contact you through that!

If your db affected by any outages then it may be gone for ever in some cases. So admin can only handle this and help you.

Taking backup is our own responsibility till we use freehosting!

If sql102 then use read below


Ok but how can i log in to ifast link… I didn’t use it before

Your will have to signup for a new account.


Thank you so much for helping.
My Data is Recover Now.
Thanks for your support.


Glad we could help!

Remember, though - ALWAYS KEEP BACKUPS

Even on paid hosting, it is a good idea to be personally responsible for your data, not leave it to the fate of others (no matter how good their service is).

Databases can be large, but you can also sign up for other paid backup services and store it there. The more backups you have, the better! Even better - store them in separate locations and/or on different servers. That way, if one server/location goes down (server farm burns up or your house with the physical device) then you still have the other. It depends on how valuable the data is, but the point here is to always make a backup, even if it is just one.

Happy developing :slight_smile:


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