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This morning,I figured out that my Mysql database disappear.I am sure that i didn’t delete it,could any one tell me what had happen?i need this file immediately,hope official or anyone could help me solve this problem.

Thanks a lot!

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Yes, some of the databases are down. iFastNet is working on a fix, so please be patient!


but all data have lose,after fixing it,will all my data back?

Maybe there’s been some data loss. We will only know, when the admin comes up online.

Same with me
I can’t find my database
Is it normal?
Will everything be back to normal?
Cos my WordPress website is now displaying “error connecting to database”
This is what my database is displaying when I try to open it from PHPMyAdmin

This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.

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Same thing, no need to create multiple topics for same reason. It is considered spam.

Mine is also deleted, So if it’s got fix then i’ll get back Database or not ?

Mine is back to normal :blush::sunglasses:


Mine gets back too.
Thanks everyone.
This thing is my special topics,maybe I will not flunk by my program professor.:joy:

If it says “Currently using of”, it means the database server is down. If it’s up, there is a number in there telling you how many databases you have.

If the database server is down, it only means the server is unreachable. It doesn’t mean that the data on the server is damaged or lost. Almost every time, the server will come back up with all databases just as you left them.


Although, my database is back, I still can’t access it via PHPMyAdmin
It’s showing

This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.


Clear your cache like is suggests.

I’ve done so countless times

Please try the steps from this article to restore phpMyAdmin access:


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