Database connection failed to the server


I am install the MyWebSQL and try to connect the exsiting database but his give error " Database connection failed to the server …"

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
Database connection failed to the server …

I’m using this software:

Additional information:
MySQL DB Name : epiz_25174325_wp96
MySQL User Name : epiz_25174325
MySQL Password : (Your vPanel Password)

Please read this article first:

Also, to manage your databases, you need to use the pre-installed phpMyAdmin instance. Using other database management systems on our hosting system may result in an error doing what you want to do.

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you any other solution because above article is general solution.

The server “Localhost MySQL” is not correct. I’m not sure what the dropdown has as options, but there should be a way to enter a custom database hostname or IP address there. The value to use for that can be found in the control panel (it looks like


thanks for response , but here only available drop-down option , Not enter any IP Address.

Please look at screen shot and provide the valid solution.

The best solution I can offer you is to get rid of that useless mess and use something that does support the absolute minimum of database connection configuration.

It’s very normal to operate a database on a different location than localhost on the default port. The fact that they clearly omitted to provide a few input fields for such basic settings and hard coded these details is a stupid design error on their end.

I highly recommend to use something else instead, like phpMyAdmin or Adminer.


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