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Many records in my MySQL database (about 50%) are gone. It’s not a glitch in my website code. It doesn’t seem like a hacker either - the pattern in which data has been deleted seems like data loss or corruption rather than human behavior or programmed machine behavior. I need a way to restore my database to yesterday’s state. I don’t have a backup. Does InfinityFree have a backup you can provide? Or any ideas on how to restore my MySQL database to yesterday’s state?

@Admin Can you please check if there is corruption with sql213 mysql database?

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I am using database.
Not all data is deleted - nearly 50% of the data is missing. It looks like a glitch on hosting side.

No one can help to get you a backup, sorry. Also, it is not Infinityfree’s responsibility to auto backup your database.



From your backup, if you have any


I don’t really have any way to check if there was database corruption, and I don’t see how knowing that would change anything.

Because regardless of how the state of the current database came to be, we don’t create backups of free hosting accounts, so the data you see is the data we have. If there was supposed to be data but isn’t anymore, then we have no way to bring the data back. If you also don’t have a copy of that data, then I’m sorry to say your data was lost. And as much as I wish I could give you better news: there is nothing we can do to help you.


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