DataBase and MyPHPAdmin linking disrupted and Severed!

I am using a free InfinityFree CPanel account. I have created a new database, and have been emailed the username and password for it.

My problem now is that I cannot get PHPMyAdmin to load at all. I am only getting the message that
“The Page Isn’t Redirecting Properly”.

Now, I get the following screen. The username and password for it isn’t getting handed on automatically, anymore, but the emailed new username and password for the new database I have created gets me past this screen. Can someone over there link this through again, so that I don’t have to type anything for this screen, please?

The big problem is that I can’t load up PHPMyAdmin from my successful CPanel Login. I get this screen:

Can someone either fix this for me, or tell my what I may simply do to fix this myself, kindly, please?



I have read and gone through this article. I had guessed that this was fairly well the story. What I can’t seem to do is repair the problems involved. I need to be able to use my FireFox browser window in standard mode, not incognito. Is it possible for an InfinityFree Account administrator to flush through any changes, and make the new database bindings, account bindings, VistaPanel bindings and MyPHPAdmin bindings for me, because I am trying these things and still can’t get everything to work. ?

What did you do?

I have changed the greater password, and all changes have percolated through correctly. If I need help in this area again, I will post here again. Thank you for what you have originally told me! Thanks!

Does the first user added to a new Database in an InfinityFree free account individual database default to possessing ‘ALL PRIVILEGES’? I can’t find a place in MyPHPAdmin or CPanel that allows me to edit
‘User Privileges’. What is the story, and where can I edit this Priviliges, if I have to?

Unlikely. This is free and shared hosting

See this?


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