Database access

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

Error: INSERT INTO account (username, password) values (‘dummy’,‘dummy’) Table ‘epiz_30611799_test.account’ doesn’t exist

If I change the username to just test it tells me I am logged in but user epiz_30611799 access denied

Other Information


Welcome @Wvbroker, we’re glad to have you here!
Are you sure the database exists?

Also, you cannot use dot in a database name. I sus that was a typo error?

I also see that you’re account is suspended, can you check in your client area once?

Thanks, lemme know if you need any help!

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Are you sure you provided the right info?


My client area shows my account as active. I will check my script again but I have no idea where a dot in my name came from. I copied and paste the database info directly from my control panel.

That is the domain name listed in my control panel the actual domain is I am pretty sure I am entering the right info.

Like the message says: there is no table account in that database. If you want to insert data into a table, you need to create it first.

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The table shows in my control panel the name is epiz_30611799_test with two columns one username with char 20 not null primary and password varchar 40 not null.

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Where do you see it? I don’t see that table:

There is only a table test, not a table account.

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That is where I created the table

What do you mean by that? There is no table account. There is only one table, and it’s called test.

That’s not the table name, that’s the database name. And the schema you’re describing is from the table test.

There is no table account, so you can’t INSERT INTO account because there is no account table to insert stuff into.

In the control panel, you can create one or more databases. The database names are identified by your account username and a suffix you can choose, e.g. epiz_12345678_mydb.

Within the database, you can create tables. You can give the table pretty much any name you want, like mytable.

If you want to insert data into a table, you first setup a connection to the database and then insert into the table. So, using the examples from before, the query would look like:

INSERT INTO mytable (colum1, column2) values ('value1', 'value2')

In your account, you have a database called epiz_30611799_test, with a table called test. So if you want to insert data into it, you have to create a query like INSERT INTO test ....

If you want to create a table account, you can do so too, either through our phpMyAdmin or through your PHP code. But right now, you only have a table test, not a table account.


Mods, please hide the password. @Greenreader9 and @Oxy thanks!

deleted post didn’t realize
i had not taken out the password thanks

It’s still visible, only mods can remove them!

My screen says post withdrawn by author will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged (whatever that means). Anyway I did figure out what the problem was. Thanks for all your help. Is it possible for me to change my password?

You can do that from your client area!

I found the area thanks for all your help

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