Database Access Issues After Unexpected Migration

So I had the first URL as a free account. Due to unexpected interest at a recent event, the account hit its hit limit.

I decided to upgrade to premium. after checkout, I had instructions to contact ifast for activation, which I did, and they also informed me that magicbean.infinityfreeapp had been migrated.
I didn’t ask for this migration but if everything works and I can access everything its fine. However, after the migration I noticed that altering/ adding to my SQL databases was not reflecting on my site. So, I realized, that now my site files have been moved but are still accessible at the old URLs…altering them from the new file manager showed me this. cool. But logged into that same account and going to phpadmin or manage databases, shows I have no user and no databases. This prompted me to look at my php files, cause since my links and site was still functioning it HAS to be looking at some kind of database. this is when i discovered that the database credentials in all of my php files have been altered with new credentials. So somewhere there is a working database using these credentials that is currently running my site…but I cant access them! Intrigued, I tried creating new user and new database having the same names and password as the one listed/changed in my php files. to my surprised for both, it says “cannot create because this database/user already exist” ! how is this possible? how and where can I gain access to these databases that were moved!!! i have been in contact with ifast support for DAYS and they just keep telling me to log into cPanel using my credentials it doesn’t make sense.

-Am I missing something?
-Can I undue this migration and make it so I can get into the database here on infinity free like i used to?

I need access so badly!!!

Make sure you are logging into your premium control panel and clicking PHPMyAdmin. Don’t use the IF control panel for anything. You can also check cPanels MySQL databases section to see if they appear there (Again, not the IF vPanel)

If the databases are not there, record a video of that, upload it to YT, and share it with iFN support, we cannot help you here


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