Data is not loading

Hello everyone, I upload my project everything is not working fine except the data, data is not fetching from database even though the username, password, and database is correct
define(“DB_PASS”,“HIDDEN BY MOD”);


And what error do you see?


No error I just get 21

Screenshot from 2021-01-25 14-13-15
Your actual database name.
@anon19508339 Is there a way to also hide edit history? Even you hide the password, the original text is still there.

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Sure the password is hide on the dashboard, but on the script its not hidden
here is the actual database details

You should create a Database from Vpanel and Use that Database name XXX Resembles the Database name you create in Vpanel

Also it’s recommended to change the password :sweat_smile:

Well I did create database from Vpanel and I select the name which is generated automatically for me.

That is good point, but the project is not really to big nor important :sunglasses:

Bro…Privacy is important and It is Single password which helps me to even Log into you control panel.

Yeah I know that is important, but for now I just want to solve the problem after I can change it

Okay I delete the database and I will change the password too, now you cannot get into the control panel hehe

I get this error now


What’s there to tell? The table POST indeed does not exist. I only see a table post.


Well, that is my table.

rename it to POST? the hosting is case sensitive.

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Okay thank you, I solve the problem :+1::heavy_check_mark:

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