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Is there a Services Dashboard maintained by InfiFree? It would be useful for freeloaders to check and determine if and which Servers are down and the domains the hosting account or domains that maybe affected. The Dashboard could also inform customers about other ongoing service issues such as DDOS attacks, Electricity and HVAC issues etc.

The Forum could get a breather from angry down-time posts.

**My website URL is: www.immertive.com
**What I’m seeing is: The Connection has timed out error.
**I’m using this software: WordPress
Additional information:

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Sadly, iFastNet is not very good at announcing and communicating about maintenance and outages. I would love to have some sort of status page where we can keep users in the loop about what’s happening with the service, but until iFastNet provides us with a good stream of information, we can’t provide you with such a stream either.

Since a short time, we do have internal monitoring for the free hosting systems, but they are not very accurate.

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Surely you are able to create something that would monitor for general availability of services and output a green light / red light page that could be added to your site.

In broad strokes, yes, that’s possible. But what effect is it going to have?

I do have some rudimentary monitoring on some services for my own use, but it’s not exactly accurate or complete. I do a basic HTTP check on website IP addresses, for example, and while it does catch some issues, it doesn’t check for database connectivity, PHP execution, performance, etc. And I can’t tell the difference between a server issue and a firewall kicking me out.

If we’re going to have a dashboard, the dashboard should reliably be able to say whether a service is working or not, or it’s only going to cause more confusion and uncertainty. And I simply cannot extract that detail of data from iFastNet’s systems.

Appreciate you taking time to reply but response feels like a bit of a cop out. Make some tools that will periodically check basic services for availability and make a red light green light page ala Microsoft. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/status/

If it’s so easy, why don’t you do it yourself? You have just as much ability to monitor the status of free hosting as I do.

I can check whether an IP address responds to HTTP requests, but not if all websites can be loaded.

I can check if the FTP server is listening to connections, but not that everyone can access their files.

I can check if the mail server is accessible, but not whether it can process all messages.

I can check if Softaculous is online, but not if everyone can install successfully software with it.

Doing monitoring properly is really, really hard and requires a lot of data and in-depth knowledge of the systems to be done properly. I have neither of those, because I don’t build the systems.

Making a status page is easy. Making a status page which provides data more reliable than a coin flip, that’s hard.

Actually what you said you could do, is exactly what your customers would like to see. And by the way, you’re kind of a jerk with your confrontational replies not just to me but to lots of other users on the site. Pump the brakes on the dickishness, please.

Sorry about that. But if you are looking for a person who will bend over backwards and will agree to whatever someone else says to make them feel all good and fuzzy, then I’m not the person you are looking for.

I didn’t mean to be confrontational, I just wanted to apply the Russell’s teapot logic. It means that if one person says something does exist and another person says it doesn’t, then the burden of proof is on the person saying it does exist, because existence is easy to validate but certain absence is not.

So if you say it’s possible to create a useful dashboard and I say it’s not, Russel’s Teapot says that it’s up to you to prove that it is easy to create a useful dashboard.

In this particular instance, the issue is not that I can’t provide the data, it’s that the data I would be providing would most likely be wrong. And experience has taught me that it’s sometimes better to provide no information than to provide wrong information, because the wrong information can distract or mislead people.

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