Dark theme for InfinityFree forums?

I’ve been wondering for a while, is it possible to make the InfinityFree forums have a dark theme?

The forum system you’re using has [dark] theme support, I think all you need to do is just enable it. Everyone will thank you.


VERY BIG SUPPORT, Idk if discourse has this feature or not but i not want to lose my eye powers by light view >-<

edit: How weird my imagine is about that? :roll_eyes:


the forum has light and dark theme by default but it is not enabled for users to choose in their settings

how the themes look - go to the hamburger menu and choose a dark theme here

however…, I prefer Gray Amber (this one looks better to me than dark)


So I would change my suggestion to enabling this ability for other users too. However I want to save my eyes. :slightly_frowning_face:

Edit: I’ve also disabled night mode for my site due the new theme. I’d go to enable it again instead of only supporting it.
But? How does Halloween night mode looks like?

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I would also prefer to enable Dark Mode, so it would be better in the dark and it saves eyes, but if I decrease the brightness a bit the Light Mode would still work fine for me.

EDIT: For Halloween I think Discourse would have the “Grey Amber” theme, but customized to also have spooky things. On Cranterns I already answered on Discord and would re-post there: it would have scary things hidden over pumpkins and spider wires.


Bayonetta’s dragon mode maybe :eyes:

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Discourse actually has a simple theming feature, which includes a default dark theme. I’ve enabled that theme now, with a few different colors to match the branding of the light theme better. You can enable it through your profile now!

Please let me know what you think of it.


I think the modified dark mode looks better to my eyes (and also saves eyes) than the default light one did.

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Now. I won’t get tired of watching the screen. thank you!


Finally, I can browse the forums at night without being blinded. Thanks :smile:

@Admin Did you change the dark theme to a slate-gray color?

Perhaps you can add back the default dark theme, I prefer it way more.

Maybe we have these three themes? Neutral. Dark. Gray-Lime instead of Neutral. and Gray-Lime?

I wanna we have 3 themes since i’m fine with Gray-Lime but i also not want to don’t have Dark!

why the existing dark (Gray) theme was chosen:

dark theme (the default one - full black) does not rest your eyes because the text is in stark contrast to the background (it strains your eyes at long reading) and all those important sections are not expressed enough (they don’t pop up) like timeline, mark, numbers, search, etc.

And the whole blackness of the forum psychologically affects the image of forum as some sad dark place.

Lime (green lemon) color is here to match the logo from InfinityFree

which themes got the most expert votes

but I believe the admin will find some compromise for all of you

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Wow it got the first rank! :grinning:

But it only matches with the Infinity?

I personally found the black to be quite harsh on the eyes, especially in contrast with the light text. I like this one much more. But I could add the black theme back.



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