Hello!! i have a problem.

They deactivated the account and when I reactivate it directly it does not work, even if I remove or add an index, always entering darb.ml throws the same error as if the account had been damaged on the server when it was reactivated, how could or can they solve it? Thank you!.

Looking at error message, your site not seems to be hosted with us?

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When an account is suspended, access to the account is disabled, but the contents of an account are completely untouched. It should not be possible for an account suspension to change any code or data in your account.

What I see in your error message is:

  • A home directory in /home/Talal/darb, which is not a valid path on our service.
  • Node.js code being executed on the server, which we don’t support.

Judging by the error message, it would seem the variable bot.user is null, which might be an error your code or in the database. But without knowing anything about your code (except for the stack trace), that would be hard to debug.

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