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Hi, If someone goes to my Index.html (which Is hosted with 1 other File and 7 other folders with also Files in them) how many daily Hits will BE counted. And if He then goes to about me section for example so for example aboutme.html, will it Count as Hit, or Not?

And did anyone try buying Premium package, what’s your experience?

Is it allowed to Pay via Crypto for Premium?

For example if the link that you visit has 3 images linked + 3 folders with 3 images linked to it then it will be counted as 13 hits (1+ the page itself)


Oh, so lets Just Imagine, you have 980 folders and 20 Files including index.html, then Just 50 people can visit the Website?

No, hits means the number of files requested from the server in a day. All of the uploaded files don’t suddenly count at once per each visit.


This article should help clear any confusion you may have regarding how the hits limit works:

I don’t believe the option is offered, but you could try asking iFastNet’s support if you’re interested (the following article explains the differences between free and premium hosting and how to get in touch with them):


If I let a Website directly redirect to another Website, will it Count as daily Hit?

Please don’t make more than one posts for the same topic.
In the case of redirecting, it depends. If it’s an HTML meta refresh redirect, then most certainly. I’m unsure if the request for the .htaccess file counts if it’s an .htaccess redirect.


Per Person? Or daily

Everytime a page is reloaded, hits will be added.
There is a daily limit of 50k hits.
There is also a monthly limit of 800k hits.


What? I don’t really know this.
Guess your premium hosting package really gave you a lot of insights


Yes, any request that hits your website is counted as a hit. This also includes .htaccess redirects. Even a visitor that’s blocked from accessing your website with .htaccess rules is counted as a hit.


My MOFH Account got suspended because of this lol, thats why i bought premium.

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