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I have been using InfinityFree for quite some time already, and have been suspended a couple of times for the daily hit limit. (I also got DDoSed a couple of times when I wasn’t using CloudFlare and got suspended.)

I know that it is free and that this is a limitation that you also cannot change because iFastNet wants people to pay for good hosting, but I would say that instead of a daily hits limit a domain, storage and database limit would be better since there would be fewer problems then. I like what InfinityFree has to offer, but due to this limitation, I now have to use hosts like GitHub Pages, and can’t run PHP stuff as I can here. I would like to see this change in the future, but I totally understand if it doesn’t.

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Enabling Under Attack Mode option can also prevent bots from accessing your site.

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Fewer no but even more problems, why? Because we’re suspending due to prevent DDoS to our main servers. If we remove that limitation there’ll be much more hits and more hits means overloading the servers. Which we not want to happen.


I think it is a nice suggestion.
But assumed that you have a visitor and it clicks many pages for only 5 minutes.


1 Visitor => 25 Pages Loaded
You have 100,000 daily visitor => 2.5M Resources Loaded

The more daily hits => more visitors => the more resources requested => the more processing power needed => the more CPU usage = SERVER OVERLOAD(you)

Then SERVER OVERLOAD(you) affects the performance of all servers in your clustered server (main domain).

Then, IFastNet will not let it happen so they need todo something to limit it. They will then limit the daily hits to prevent it.

And also if the daily hits increased much, then probably the premium plan will less much used.

*Based on my current understanding


Yes I know, I forgot to turn on my DDoS protection, but still even when I don’t get DDoSed I still use quite the amount of hits.

Not many websites hit the daily hits limit, especially compared with some of the other limits we have. It does make me wonder what your website does that caused the disproportionately high hits usage.

If you have a static website, that would explain why you don’t see any PHP usage, but even then you would only approach the limit if you already have quite a substantial amount of traffic.


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