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Please i was suspended yesterday cause of daily hit used and i have also been suspended for the same reason too, please can some on help me by explaining how this (daily hits used) work?
How is it been count ?
How to stop it or increase it ?
Please i need help thanks.



My account was suspended too , i just opened my website i am only visitor and have reached so many hits ? How can i use control panel to check daily how many hits i have used?

From the same post as before:

You can view your hits usage through the Account Statistics section in your control panel.

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I feel you @saturday myself had exactly the same problem here… Their criteria for suspending account is really weird and does not matches real usage (cpu-ram-ep failures…).
Heck, even now that I’ve completely removed my accounts from InfinityFree I still receive from time to time EP or CPU warnings… LOL!..

I dont trust infinityfree anymore, thats why I moved to another free hosting (that has been rock solid for a month now!!!).

please tell me which hsting are you using now cause everything is getting me mad, they will suspend me today reactivate me tomorrow still suspend me tomorrow reactivate me next… for a site am the only one visiting, site i am just working on trying making sure everything is ok, please tell me where do i move to?

please this thing is too mush everyday suspension for a site i am the only one visiting, if infinityfree its not free again then you people should let us know, just view my deactivation history below

please mail me at [email protected]

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