Daily Hits Limit (50k) DID not reset, how to reset it?

Hi Infinityfree,

Good day to you!

I was just wondering how daily reset limits work?

My daily hit limits would almost be at 50k sooner, I thought it’s going to reset for 24 hours since it shown daily, but seems like its not resetting… still i’m having 45k used of hits… (IT HAS BEEN ALMOST 30 HOURS SINCE…)


Website: Postedfix.com

I hope you could fix this one for me it would be a good thing.

Just to let you guys know, I’m also clicking your site ads just to help you because you help me a lot providing this free hosting stuff…

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!



The counter is reset once per day, but I’m not exactly sure when.

Anyways, as far as I can see the counter was reset, but your hits usage is so high today you may not have noticed the reset given how yesterday’s hit usage is much lower.

Also, do not click ads to “support us”. That’s not how ads work. If you want to support us, buy an account at XVHOST. Disabling your ad blocker helps us a lot, but clicking the ads to “support us” is click fraud which is strictly forbidden. And getting our AdSense account taken down would not help us at all.

Oh, with regard to ads, my deepest apology for doing so… Did not exactly know how it works… Thank u for letting me know though… Will not do it again…

I will surely buy an upgraded account from u guys… But my money is not enough… Sooner i will buy…

And i have told my friends about ur website… So i could help u in legal way

Thanks… Just check the limit and it has been reset… Much ty