Daily hits issue

How if my daily hits exceed 50000 a day, will my website stop working and how can I upgrade only the daily hits to unlimited?

If your Daily Hits reach 50000 a day, your website will be temporarily suspended for 24 hours, after which your account will be reactivated automatically. You can read more by reading this article.

You can’t upgrade only the Daily Hits to unlimited. You have to also buy Premium Hosting to increase them.


50000 daily hits is equal to how many visitors a day?

It depends on which files are requested by a visitor, but I can’t calculate exactly those. Also note that a hit is not the same as a page view, visit or visitor, as described by the article I posted about the hits limit.

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it is video files

hosting video files?

it is not allowed.


never got over 2k hits lmao

I create a website with PHP and I will be uploading videos


@anon39645531 it depends how many visitors you have.


You’re violating the term 11 of the following Terms of Service:

InfinityFree offers large web space and bandwidth with hosting accounts. By this, we mean space for legitimate web site content and bandwidth for visitors to view it. All files on a domain must be part of the active website and linked to the site. Sites should not contain any backups, downloads, or other non-web based content. We will treat all password protected archive (e.g. zip and rar) files as unacceptable. Multimedia content such as audio and video is acceptable provided it is streamed to the user, links to HTTP download of this content is not acceptable.

Archives of movie files, audio files, zips, rars or any large volumes of files used for downloading / sharing is not allowed.


But How if I upgrade to premium, still I will have no permission for video files?

and how many pictures on one page u have! 1!1!1!1

Am I not allowed to upload videos and audio regardless of the premium hosting?

Not sure about premium one. You should contact ifastnet about this.

IKR. Still wondering what does 1!1!1!1 mean.

AFAIK, video uploading sites are not allowed on premium hosting either. The reasons are the same: we provide storage space for website files, not bulk storage of large media objects. But like @anon19508339 said, you could ask iFastNet to be sure.


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