daily HIT limit

how to show my daily HIT limit ?

The daily hits limit and usage is shown in the sidebar of the control panel and the Account Statistics.

what is daily hits and how its work ? How it can be controlled ? Does it work on Monthly Views or works on Daily View ? Because there are no 50,000 hits per day on the my website, then please let me know how it works ?

The Wikipedia page explains quite well what a hit is: Pageview - Wikipedia

From the article:

A hit is a request to a web server for a file, like a web page, image, JavaScript, or Cascading Style Sheet.[1]

When a web page is downloaded from a server the number of “hits” or “page hits” is equal to the number of files requested. Therefore, one page load does not always equal one hit because often pages are made up of other images and other files which stack up the number of hits counted. Because one page load does not equal one hit, it is an inaccurate measure of a website’s popularity or web traffic. A more accurate measure of web traffic is how many page views a web site has.