Daily CPU limit - without a reason

My website URL is:


What I’m seeing is:

I received emails warning that I used more than 50% of the daily CPU limit, but this happened in days that I didn’t even access the site. The site has not been published yet, receives few hits and according to Cpanel statistics had no movement in the last days and hours before the time I received the email. How can this happen?

In the last case (image below) I received the email at 11:02 AM on November 4th. There were a few days that I did not enter my site, Cpanel, or something related.

I only accessed the site again at 07:38 PM when I read the email. Just to check because my site has already been suspended again for the same reason.

Please correct this because my site is still small, I almost do not enter it to post something and so I have not disclosed, so receive few hits. I’m afraid of him being suspended again for no apparent reason. This is unfair!

Please help me! Thank you!

I see you’re using Cloudflare. Can you please check the website traffic stats in there to verify that you really didn’t get any traffic on your website? The fact that YOU didn’t access your website doesn’t mean nobody else did. And the the fact that you did not release the website yet or share it with others also doesn’t mean nobody will access your site.

Many times people say there was no traffic, Cloudflare’s traffic stats show a huge spike in visitors. These are often just bots checking your website for various reasons (both useful and harmful). And even if those bots are harmful and undesired, they still consume CPU power on our servers.


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