Daily CPU consumption chart does not update

Hello, I have a problem, the daily CPU consumption graph does not update or does not start from scratch every day, it stays the same. This produces continuous suspension of my website, who can help me.


By day 7, 8, 11, 12, 13 and 15 my domain will be suspended because the daily use of cpu is not being updated

It is not a live graph, It is updated every few hours (I’m not sure on the specific), but it is not live refreshing.

It continues from the last cpu, every day, you don’t reset CPU, the graph follows on from each day, it is a continuous graph


The graph is totalized at the end of the day, it’s not a live counter.

Also, it’s a bit confusing in that the number at the X-axis is the day of the month. So the number of the 5th of July is near the start of the graph.


The graph is not restarting after 24 hr, it is keeping the past values ​​and it is added.

Could you check it

i think it is supposed to do that, it refreshes and adds your daily cpu, it doesn’t wipe, you don’t loose all CPU history, it just builds and adds up.

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Mr infinity free your system is failing, the daily cpu usage chart is not updating every 24hr, and it is continuously conserving the values ​​of past months, causing suspensions to the domain ditches, as you can see I have web activated and at the same time Time is exceeding the red suspension line, how can this be possible. As soon as I enter my web, any detail such as loading or activating a plugin is discouraged.
Your system is saving past information of daily use of cpu and adds it with the current use, suspending the web, they must fix this.

It has been 22 hours, not 24 hours. and yes that is how it is supposed to work

are you using wordpress? (for CMS)

What makes you so sure about this? If this were the case, accounts which are a year or so old would be suspended much more frequently, but that’s just not the case.

The graphs are confusing, maybe even misleading, but not wrong.

The reason you see data for the full month is because the graphs are drawn in a stupid way. Rather than having the most recent day of data at the end, it simply overwrites the same day of the previous month.

Just to repeat, the data is OVERWRITTEN, not summed. No matter how plausible the backward way the graphs are drawn makes it seem.


Hello, at this time the graph has been updated and the daily CPU usage is kept low

Good to know and Congrats!

Any problem about it?

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