Customizer redirects too many times

I am using Hestia Pro for my 2nd website and I get this error only in the customizer. I came here because there was nothing on the internet about this.

Additional info: I use Seedprod pro but the plugin is not the problem as I deactivated it and the error is still there.

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Since you’re using Cloudflare on that subdomain, could you please verify you’ve set up your website like this?

Incorrect configuration of Cloudflare and WordPress to get Flexible SSL to work can cause strange errors like this.


I have fixed everything but now I am facing a new problem. I am using Easy Digital Downloads and I’ve set up my mails but they aren’t sending. Is it due to this?
I tested the ‘forgot password’ on Wordpress login and I don’t recieve the mail there either.

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Yes it is.

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I recommend that you download & install this plugin on your site:

Try using some plugin to setup gmail smtp to send mails instead of phpmail as that function is limited in free hosting.

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