Custom Twitter Feeds Wordpress Plugin Errors

Hi! This message is specificaly for @Admin. This is due to the support website of this wordpress plugin called Custom Twitter Feeds says to contact your hosting provider with the following message when experiencing a certain error:
I am trying to use the Twitter API for a feed on my website. Do you have CURL updated to the latest version and will you allow remote requests to (the Twitter API) on my server?.

If you could get back as quick as possible that would be great!


Please note that this is a community support forum, not my personal mailbox. Anyone on this forum could answer your question.

cURL is updated on our servers. However, it’s likely that either Twitter has blocked our servers our we have blocked access to Twitter’s API. Whichever of the two it is, the reason is always the same: rampant abuse (spam bots, phishing sites, etc.).

If so, it means you cannot use the Twitter API from free hosting, because we cannot make exceptions for individual accounts here. If you need to use social media API’s, please consider to migrate your website to premium hosting which does not have restrictions like this.

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