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SSL Handshake Failed (Cloudflare)
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I added a custom subdomain to for my website but it is not working. I am using cloudflare for dns. Please help and answer in brief, so i would be able to understand.
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You need to have a SSL certificate installed for your subdomain or else it will give error 525.
Do you have one installed?


Thank you for reply really appreciate.

No I don’t have any certificates installed right now.
But I don’t have ssl certificate for main domain also, when i added my main domain to cloudflare I had ssl but once it expired the ssl through the Cloudflare is still woking.

What I mean that SSL works for main domain even I have no certificate installed for SSL.

So, If I add SSL and if the subdomain starts to work, will ssl work through the cloudflare even after certificate expires on infintyfree?

Do i need to add nameserver or other record for sub daomain? Current have a CNAME record name forum(Subdomain) and target is main domain.

Please help I’M stuck.

What is your SSL mode in Cloudflare?

If the certificate is expired it won’t work. If you are using Cloudflare, you can get a self-signed certificate. They last longer, and are just as secure if you are using Cloudflare.


It’s set to full (Not full strict). Should I set it to flexible?

The ssl works fine for me no issues. It’s Let’s Encrypt Certificate and it says 3 months validity but there is no expiry date mentioned there.

If it is set to full, you MUST have a valid SSL certificate on the origin server (InfinityFree). So you must have a certificate installed for your main domain name (not the subdomain), otherwise it would not be working either.

I would get a self-signed certificate for the subdomain and install it, then it will work.


Yes you were right I have a self signed SSL for 10 Years. It’s active on my domain.

But there is no option for getting ssl for Sub-domain when i go in settings It tells me subdomains are automatically included.

well this is my infinityfree domain my custum domain is under this sub domain . I issued and installed the Self Signed SSL for this mian subdomain.

Will that solve the issue or anything else I have to do?

Thanks for for giving your precious time.

Many Many thanks.

Website is working now.

Thanks for sharing your time. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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