Custom PHP configuration for my theme

Hello, I need the following to install my theme


PHP configuration:

“memory_limit” should be at least “64M”
“file_max_upload_size” to “16M”
“allow_url_fopen” should be set to “on”
“register global” should be set to “off”
“safe_mode” should be set to “off”

Optional PHP extensions:



Permissions for all files should be set to “664”
Permissions for all folders should be set to “755”

Can someone help in understanding how to make the needed setting?

The guide of my theme is here:

Find a solution here, post #4 by badrelmers smile:

All of those settings are good by default (except for the upload limit, which is only 10 MB and cannot be increased beyond that). You don’t need to configure anything else for Prestashop to work.