Custom File Extensions (.htaccess)


Hello, I am @duckyishot93 and i will be doing a tutorial on how to make your own custom file extension and use it on your website.
If you wanna run that .php file as an .awesomescript file then thisis the right tutorial for you.


htaccess if a file that lets you rewrite paths and also disable indexes but did you also know you can rewrite file extensions?
It’'s true.

The code of the .htaccess file should be:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)\.phpx$ $1.php

Now what we are gonna do in the next step is very simple.


You need to upload the php file and when you’re done uploading copy and paste it in the same directory. (Folder)
Now you need to rename it. (Has to have the same name)

Tada, You did it!

Finally, You have made a custom file extension for your website!

I hope you liked this tutorial and i might be able to make more easy tutorials later.

Forgot to mention this but you can change phpx in the htaccess file to anything you want and the php at the end of the htaccess to the file to the file extension you want to be used.